Counselling Better emotional wellbeing Centre for at the Beacon Clinic Malvern, Worcestershire. Directors Drs M & S Allbright

Counselling offers a time and space to listen to the difficulties you are experiencing in a calm, confidential and professional setting.

When seeing a counsellor you have the chance to form a professional relationship where you can be honest and open in your feelings and emotions and develop trust. It is time for you, for some focussed support, to help you work through what needs attention.

You are in control of the process, whether it be for a few sessions or longer, depending on your needs. Counselling helps you to trust in your own processes of growth and unfoldment.

We are here to help you have better emotional wellbeing.

The professional relationship between you and your counsellor is one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of counselling. All of us are happy to have just an initial meeting with you so you can share what is happening in your life.  We provide skilled nondirective support. We are:

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Common issues that people present with

Abortion issues

Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual)




Anger management


Bereavement and Loss


Body-image problems



Carer support

Child related issues

CBT Cognitive Behaviour Techniques



Controlling issues

Decision making


Divorce issues

Domestic violence


Eating disorders


Family worries and issues

Fear (Inappropriate)





Gay affirmative therapy


Impotency issues

Infertility issues




Loneliness or isolation

Loss of purpose

Low self-confidence

Low self-esteem


Mid life crisis




Nervous breakdown


Panic attacks

Passive aggressive behaviour


Postnatal depression

Post Traumatic Stress

Pregnancy and birth



Psychosomatic Illness


Relationship issues past and present



Self esteem

Self harm

Separation and divorce


Sexual Identity


Sleep disturbance


Stress (Economic and environmental)

Suicidal thoughts


Traumatic Stress

Transitions in life

Weight problems (such as obesity),

Work related stress


The first step in seeking counselling is often the most difficult, so Sue offers a chance to come and meet her to talk through the range of options available before committing to therapy.

Whilst many people consider coming for counselling at times of difficulty and distress, some find that therapeutic work can help with discovering unexplored options and living their lives more fully.

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a simple yet powerful way of paying attention to the subtle and natural signals given by your whole body. Learning Focusing can be a wonderful way to enhance your personal and professional development. It can enable you to find out how you really feel about any particular issue or situation. Focusing can bring a sense of greater inner spaciousness, greater clarity of decision making, a sense of inner rightness, a more embodied spiritual practice, a much better relationship with yourself and with others. In simple terms, it is turning our attention inwards and listening to what comes, whether it be a body sensation, an image, a gesture or movement, with compassion, curiosity and absolutely no agenda. That compassionate listening process brings about internal transformation and new steps forward.

What is Zero Balancing body therapy?:

Zero Balancing practitioners work by holding points of stillness created through touch, using gentle finger pressure or stretches. This brings a positive release of tension in the body and mind. In this way we can simply let go of the stresses and strains of life and drop into a deep state of relaxation. Not only can such a release feel incredibly good to experience, it can also leave a profound sense of inner ease and well-being that we may feel in our bones, enabling us to better navigate life, however stormy the waters

To contact her 07944 394 245. Akehurst Counsellor ZeroBalancing

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Sue Akehurst  Counsellor, Supervisor Zero Balancing  07944 394 245  Find out more … #Sueakehurstpicture Rob Williams  Counsellor Therapist   07876 590 173  Find out more … #robwilliamssection

Sue Akehurst. Counsellor - Supervisor - Zero Balancing.

Clients come to see Sue for many reasons, as she has a breadth and depth of experience in therapeutic work. She qualified as a counsellor in 1998 and since then has continued to develop her practice through study whilst working as a counsellor in a broad range of settings including CAMHS, a GP Practice, sixth form college as well as developing a successful private practice. She has also qualified as a body therapist and is a Certified Focusing Practitioner. Some people have a clear idea that they want to choose counselling on its own or to have body therapy (Zero Balancing) or Focusing on its own. Others find that having the option to choose from session to session between working primarily with the body or with face to face dialogue and exploration gives a freedom to really notice what needs attention and to work with what would benefit from mindful attention.

Rob Williams. Counsellor - Therapist.

He has extensive counselling/therapy practice experience, having worked as a counsellor/therapist since 1999. He has been accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy since June 2003, and works within their ethical framework for good practice.

His counselling experience is wide-ranging and involves working with client issues which include anxiety, depression and stress related issues, alcohol/substance/food misuse, bereavement/loss and change, relationship problems, sexuality, spiritual and work related issues.

His theoretical model is Psychosynthesis, which also includes Gestalt, other humanistic approaches, psychodynamic theory and other transpersonal and psychospiritual paradigms. I also use person-centred, cognitive behavioural, solution focused and attachment theories within his practice.


His work is primarily influenced by the principles of Psychosynthesis (often referred to as “a psychology with a soul”), which views the person as being on a journey of personal and spiritual development, encountering obstacles along the way. This approach sees the person as more than the issues they present and places emphasis on the fact that each one of us has the wisdom within ourselves to find the answers to our questions.

He holds a life long passion for music— for over 20 years he was a professional musician  (and he still play s and performs to this day), his instrument being the guitar, playing in rock bands, as a session guitarist and as a composer/songwriter. The energy from creativity and where it comes from, in what ever aspect it manifests itself—through the arts to mathematics, has fascinated him for many years.

In the past  he has  led men's "self development" groups and he particularly encourages men struggling with depression to work on this in one to one counselling - ‘attempts to escape depression fuel many of the problems we think of as typically male - difficulty with intimacy, workaholism, alcoholism, abusive behaviour and rage.’

To contact him 07876 590 173

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